Accounting OfFice Finland

Our aim

Online accounting goes along with the entrepreneur

eAccounting Finland Oy is Finnish accounting company started at 2016. Our aim is to make bookkeeping, taxation and accounting as easy and painless as possible for the entrepreneur with cost effective manner.

Additionally, our aim is to have as quick response time as possible for the questions entrepreneur might have. We hope that this way entrepreneur have more energy and time for his/her productive work. Successful entrepreneur client is obviously also beneficial for us.

Our Services operates with modern-day requirements (see more from Services tab), thus your location do not matter. eAccounting Finland Oy uses Procountor accounting software and we are also one of Procountor partner accounting offices. Today our clients are based from Helsinki area to Muonio (way above Arctic Circle).

As a relatively small accounting office, we know all of our clients. We act quickly and agilely, recognizing the customer’s needs. Every customer is equally important to us.

Working 5 years outside of Finland as outsourced employee taught me a lot about both practical accounting, communication skills, and internationalization. Today about half of our customer base has a foreign background.


International accounting expert

Founder of eAccounting Finland Oy, Jonne Anttila’s, background is in accounting. Jonne has MSc. degree from accounting (2011) from University of Lapland, Rovaniemi

Jonne was working five years (2010-2015) at Prague, Czech Republic, in variety of accounting roles in management accounting and external accounting in global corporation where the colleagues were across the globe.

Majority of this time Jonne worked in Accenture and Bodycote. The roles was mostly internally (within the company) outsourced services and part of the jobs were externally outsourced, where clients were Finnish based sister companies or clients.

This experience have given a lot of course professionally what comes to accounting but also as international experience how to efficiently communicate with colleagues with different background who are working in different countries and regions (from India and Philippines to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and UK to USA etc.). 

These lessons we have successfully utilized within eAccounting Finland Oy since 2016.