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Mergers and Acquisitions are ways to make the business structure as profitable and efficient as possible, taking into account the needs of the company / owners concerned. M&As are unique projects in which a competent expert is a paramount partner.

The preparation phase of a mergers and acquisitions must be carried out carefully so that all the backgrounds and objectives of the merger are taken into account and any challenges are identified. This ensures the best possible result.

We offer comprehensive M&A services with 15 years of experience in M&A and financial management specialist. By using our accounting and M&A services, you also ensure that the change resulting from the M&A is managed appropriately also in your accounting.

Mergers and acquisitions

A situation where the current form of company no longer serves the purpose of the company, for example due to increased business or ownership arrangements. In this case, a change in the company form will occur. For example:

  • Change of business type from Private trader to a public limited company or a limited liability company.

  • Transformation of an open or limited partnership into a limited liability company.

A merger is a situation in which two (or more) limited liability companies merge into one company. The merging company will be dissolved and the funds will be transferred into the receiving company.

A demerger refers to a situation in which one limited company is divided into two (or more companies).

Sometimes a business comes to the end of its life cycle, in which case the business is shut down and closed down.

Generational change is a situation where the ownership and leadership of a business is transferred from the entrepreneur-owner to the next generation.

Under certain conditions, it is possible to receive tax reliefs during a generational change.

Execution of a generational change in a tax-efficient way is a multi-year process that needs to be carefully planned in advance.

A share exchange usually means an arrangement in which a limited liability company acquires so many shares in another limited liability company that it acquires the voting rights in the company in question.

In a share exchange, the shares of a limited company are acquired by issuing shares of another company instead of cash deposit.

A share exchange can create a holding company structure or otherwise organize holdings in a more commercially viable form.

A holding company is a limited liability company that passively owns shares in one or more companies.

The holding company’s benefit comes from the tax procedure. Benefits can be derived in particular from the tax treatment of capital gains and dividends.

Valuation provides the basis for acquisition negotiations. The value of a company is determined by the company’s balance sheet items, historical EBITDA, but also the future prospects, customers, employees, technology used and the prevailing market and competitive situation.

Valuation serves as a tool for corporate or business acquisition, which provides support for trade negotiations and business development.

"When you can get knowledgeable service directly from your own accounting office, that will ease your life."


Because you cannot predict the future

All the companies will sudden unexpected questions and changes during their lifespan which are difficult to predict. Changes in the ownership structure, funding applications or application for Tax administration. In these situation companies notice that professional accounting office is priceless.

When you can get knowledgeable service directly from your own accounting office, that will ease your life. Comprehensive, fast and professional service is basis of our services.