Monthly Accounting Materials

Customer Guide

Upload of Monthly Bookkeeping material.

  • Would be good to upload the material to Dropbox within first two weeks of the following month. E.g. January material to be uploaded by mid-February.
  • Thus, accountant will have enough time to process the material, and on the other hand client (you) will have transactions in fresh memory.
  • When you have uploaded the material to Dropbox, pass an email to us to confirm.

Bookkeeping material needed monthly

  • Those purchase invoices you have paid during the month (actual invoice or receipt where is also stated the nature of the good/service and VAT information)
  • Write to the receipt if you have paid by cash
  • Write to restaurant receipt names of participants and what was the nature of the meeting (e.g. Client meeting, Representation, Meeting with new/potential client, Meeting with tax/marketing/etc. expert/consultant)
  • Save credit card related receipts separately so those are easy to find and match against credit card invoice (e.g. to own folder at DropBox or to eTasku application)
  • Save receipt/invoice but mark to the receipt that it has been paid from own account
  • Those sales invoices you have sent to your clients/customers during the month
  • Check in advance that you have saved all the documents related to the bank statement

Driving book (Mileage report/diary)

I do recommend you to update the file every month though.

Travel journal/diary

I do recommend you to update the file every month though.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us. All contacts will be answered.