Procountor Financial Management


Procountor Financials - Step to Electronic Financial Management

We use Finago Procountor accounting software. Software has been developed to increase the efficiency of accounting office routines and enhance the co-operation between the accounting office and the customer company. Procountor program offers joint usage of the electronic financial management which makes it possible for the customer and accountant to flexibly access the same data and reports.

Electronic Financial management enhance operations of the company and reduce errors. Accounting material and information transfers electronically to bookkeeping and Procountor’s cloud server, and bookkeeping stays nicely up-to-date without paperwork.

Electronic Financial management enables also that it does not matter anymore where the client or service provider is located. Only know-how, efficient communication, timeliness, and quality matters. eAccounting Finland Oy’s client base extends from Helsinki area to the very North of the Lapland.

See the possible way to divide the work in Procountor Financials.


  • Sales invoicing
  • Purchase invoice processing and payments
  • Travel expense management (creation, approval and payment)
  • Payroll data review
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Timely Financial information

Accounting Office

  • Bookkeeping
  • Account reconciliation
  • Payroll accounting and related tax reporting
  • VAT and other tax declarations
  • Financial statement and annual Tax return
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Consulting

Procountor - Electronic, Ease, Timeliness, Independence from Location

With the software, both parties always have up-to-date information on the company’s finances available without having to take folders around every month. At the same time, the processes of both parties become easier and more efficient. Thus, you can easily access bookkeeping material regardless of the time or your location.

If your company is looking for more Comprehensive Financial Management solution, joint use of Procountor Financials between your company and us can be suitable solution for you. 

If needed, we will guide and tell you more about browser-based financial management software.

See Procountor’s 6min video for illustration. If you are interested, we can tell you more about browser based electronic financial management system.